Select grade Oak for a sophisticated uniform appearance.

Explore the elegance of the Vumba Range – our Nature (select grade) range of Engineered Oak flooring that epitomizes clean sophistication. Crafted with meticulous precision, these boards feature minimal knots, reduced sap wood, and showcase a refined, polished appearance. Perfect for those who seek a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. Pre finish this range using Loba Invisible Protect coating, which truly shines when paired with light stains such as white and greys. Learn more..

Vumba | Euro Oak 240mm (15mm) Multiply Nature

 Our meticulously designed Vumba planks, measuring 240mm x 15mm x 1900mm. Ideal for residential and commercial settings, they embody sophistication and style.


Engineered boards with a multilayer base, comprise a hardwood veneer glued to a base made up of waterproof ply. This product is very stable and is the recommended product for installation in bathrooms or any area where moisture is of concern. A moisture barrier like Wakol PU 280 would still be recommended for safety’s sake. Installation with Wakol MS 228 adhesive recommended on a full surface basis.

Vumba | Siberian Oak Design Nature

 Experience unmatched elegance with our crafted planks at 189mm x 14mm x 1860mm. Enduring beauty and style, whether at home or in a commercial setting.


Engineered boards with a 3-ply base, comprise a hardwood veneer glued to a plywood base made up of both pine and polar. This product is stable, however has more movement than the multiply base equivalent, so a moisture barrier such as Wakol PU 280 is required in all flooring installations. The floor should then be glued down with Wakol MS 228 on a full bond basis.