Solid Hardwood Decking

Welcome to our Solid Hardwood Decking page, where you’ll explore high-quality options designed to transform your outdoor space into a haven of beauty and functionality.

Solid Hardwood Decking

Choose from the classic appeal of Balua to the refined elegance of Garapa-inspired designs, the enduring charm of Iroko, and the rich, inviting warmth of Teak. Our diverse solid decking ranges cater to various styles and preferences. Dive into each range below to discover the perfect decking solution that will elevate your outdoor living experience. We pride ourselves on offering quality solutions to all wooden flooring and decking issues! Install your deck using the Ipe Clip hidden deck fastening system. Learn more..
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Exterior Treatment: Water Based vs Oil based

Hardwood decking can be treated with either Loba Deck Oil, or Loba Deck Finish water-based coatings. Both products come in a variety of colour options. Loba Deck oil will need to be applied twice a year to prevent the decking from going grey, however the oil gives a natural appearance to the timber, and enhances the natural flavour of the wood. The Deck Finish requires less maintenance but is not quite as natural in appearance. Link through to Loba Outdoor on Loba site.