The Vumba mountains of Zimbabwe are dressed in swirling grey mists throughout most of the year. Our smoked range captures this misty mood which is evident in the multiple shades of grey.

Zimbo's Trading represents German company Loba, known for their high quality natural oils and water based varnishes. The Vumba range is pre-finished using Lobasol natural oils.  Lobasol oils are natural oils with very low VOC and air dry to  give a more natural feel to timber as compared with UV oils used by the majority of our competitors. 

Brushed Finish for Vumba Range: Brushed floors are setting a trend in the market place. At Zimbo's Trading we have our own brushing facility and can brush the wood from a light brush, to a heavy brush to accentuate the colours and textures of the grain.

Oak Dual Papyrus (14)

Loba Papyrus, Brushed, Oak Dual 190mm x 15mm, 

Product No. 14.

Oak Dual Smoked (13)

Loba White Oil 20%, Loba Clear 80%, Brushed, Smoked, Oak Dual 190mm x 15mm,

Product No. 13.

Oak Dual Lightly Smoked (12)

Loba White Oil, Brushed Lightly Smoked, Oak Dual 190mm x 15mm,

Product No. 12.

Oak Dual Active Grey (15)

Loba White Oil, Brushed, Active Grey, Oak Dual 190mm x 15mm x 1900mm,

Product No. 15.

Oak Dual Double Smoked (11)

Loba White Oil, Brushed, Double Smoked, Oak Dual 190mm x 15mm,

Product No. 11.

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