Loba White Oil 20%, Loba Clear 80%, Brushed, Smoked, Oak Dual 190mm x 15mm,

Product No. 13.

 Oak Dual: 

The engineered Oak Dual planks are constructed using French Oak to give a more rustic feel. A combination of knots and textures are visible in the grain to give a floor with substantial character. The floor is manufactured using an exterior ply with Oak hardwood on the surface. This floor is better suited to areas with moisture issues. Oak Dual is available in a number of different grades - the standard grade in stock is the AB Grade. Other grades can be ordered with a pre-paid deposit required. 

We recommend glue down installations using Wakol flooring adhesives and vapour barrier.

 Dual: Birch multiply


* Allow 8 to 10 weeks for delivery of non-stock items with a pre-paid deposit.